Sponsor a Horse

  • Farrier (every 6-8 weeks) - $40 per horse
  • Equine dentist (every 6-12 months)- $80
  • Wormer (every 6-9 weeks) - Between $4 to $12
  • Bag of feed - $12 (lasts 3-5 days)
  • Fly Spray (bottle) - $12 a bottle - seasonal
  • 1 dose of antibiotic - $6, including needle and syringe
  • 1 dose of pain medicine, Bute - $2, Banamine - about $7
  • Vaccines (Annual EEE, WNV, etc.) - $24
  • Annual Coggins - $35

  • Lead ropes
  • Halters
  • Lunge lines
  • Grooming supplies


Sponsor A Horse

Our Horses

Horse Sponsorship Program

Be a part of helping others grow, develop, and enjoy therapeutic riding for their health and well being.


is a registered Bay Morgan mare. At 24 years old, she is the premiere and senoir citizen at athelas: the go to choice for any new client who may need an extremely tolerant and forgiving mount. Marilla is the foundation horse for our therapy program, with the patience of the best babysitter. Her leaders and sidewalkers often notice her shifting her body to help banlance her unsteady rider. Anneliese and Marilla have been working together for over 20 years and have formed a way of comunicating with body language that makes Marilla the perfect mount for riders first learning to be independent but still needing the safety net of control from their instructor.


is a 23 year old registered Morgan gelding with the color of his name. He is a bit short to be called horse, but as a large pony, he is a favorite with most of our smaller able bodied clients who can ride him independently. He has been helping children learn how to ride since he has been with Anneliese and her family since they were children. Raven is accustomed to taking his part in all sorts of games and manages very well with varied styles of riding.

Daisy Daisy
comes to help Athelas through the kindness of friends. She is a hugable Halflinger mare with legs a little shorter than they should be, but that makes her perfect for the job. She is a good height for people sidewalking to lend extra support that some clients need. Daisy is stout and strong enough for some of our riders who need her gentle patience to help them become more independent, making her another special asset to Athelas.
Tyler Tyler
is a draft cross. He is our “go to horse” for many kinds of riders. He is calm and patient during lead line lessons and is happy to jog around for the more independent riders. He is a little on the lazy side but that helps his riders feel calm and comfortable.
Dart Dart
Dart was donated to Athelas this year. He is a larger black draft-paint cross horse and is a gentle giant. He stands out because he is so large and he will always be checking to see if someone has treats for him.
Pippin Pippin
is seven years old and has been with the Athelas program since 2009. He is a registered Standardbred with a racing history trotting with a sulky. Like many race horses, after he was no longer a money winner, he was cast off, fortunately picked up by a rescue outfit, found by Anneliese and brought home. He is a big, strong gelding with an almost unflappable disposition, who regularly carries some of our heaviest riders. The college girls who helped to retrain him as a "therapy horse" taught him to bow for treats. When in the barn, he can be quickly found as one of the friendly heads hanging out and looking for attention.Pippin is an important part of the Athelas team.

Powder is a teenage grade Appaloosa who is very new to our program, but it is not taking long for us to realize how special she is.  Powder has been working with all size riders and is not phased by squeals of delight or temper tantrums.  We are thrilled to have her join our program.


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